Showered in Diamonds

Think rain on your wedding day is bad luck? Not if you purchased your engagement ring from Dalzell & Co.! An inch or more of rain on your day of wedding bliss means that new ring sparkling on her finger is free! Visit our store for complete details!

Gold Buying

Dalzell & Co. welcomes guests to trade in jewelry items, diamond, gold, silver, sterling silver flatware, coins, and stamps. Even if you didn’t buy it here, we take trade-in jewelry to use toward custom design, a new purchase, or cash.

Visit our store to see how your unwanted items can be turned into treasured pieces or money in your pocket.


On these special occasions, you want to focus on the person not how you’ll pay. Now you can with the American Gem Society Credit card, issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Celebrate the special occasions…and the everyday ones too, with a revolving line of credit to use time and time again. With a competitive, extended credit promotion, you have the option to make payments over time.

Lifetime Diamond Upgrade

Diamonds purchased at Dalzell Jewelers may be traded in by the original purchaser for 100% of the original purchase price towards the purchase of a new item of greater value. This lifetime diamond trade-in policy applies exclusively to solitaire diamonds, the center diamond of engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, and diamond solitaire pendants. All trade-in diamonds must be in the original purchase condition at the time of the trade-in.

90 Days Layaway 

To place an item on layaway requires a minimum of 20% down. The item stays at Dalzell Jewelers until the item is paid in full. We do not mail a statement in regards to your layaway account, however a monthly payment is required to keep the layaway active. If the layaway is cancelled after 90 days, items will be returned to stock and a 10% restocking fee will be deducted before any refunds are issued.

30-Day Exchange

Items in original condition may be refunded in full within 14 days of purchase. Exchanges may be made within 30 days of your original purchase. Cash purchases will be refunded by check within 7 days of the date of return. Purchases by check require a 14 day waiting period from the date of purchase before a refund check will be issued.


The Four C's

Understanding the 4 C’s of Diamond Jewelry

C1 carat

Carat weight of the stones set in a jewelry is estimated as an approximate weight according to formulas taking into consideration the measurements of the stones. Only when a diamond certificate is available, an exact weight will be mentioned in the jewelry certificate.

C2 color

In principle for jewelry, color will not be graded in detailed grades as for loose diamonds (Ex. D) but in ranges of 1 up to 3 color grades ( Ex. range D, range D-E, range D-E-F). Exact color (Ex. D) will only be given if the stone has a diamond certificate.

C3 clarity

In principle for jewelry, clarity will be graded not in detailed grades as for loose diamonds but in broader grades (Ex. VVS, VS, SI, and I) or even in ranges of these clarities (Ex. VVS-VS, VS-SI). Exact clarity (Ex. IF, VVS1, VS) will only be given if the stone has a diamond certificate.

C4 cut

Cut will be described with one overall grade including proportions and finish. (Ex. excellent, very good, good, poor, fair).

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